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Jan 20, 2013 2:20pm EST
division between political scientists and historians about this. political science will look at the system and say, what is wrong with this. the historian will look at it and say, how did it get way. we tend to be less active in suggesting changes to the system. floyd riddick said, the rules of the senate are perfect. what he meant by that was, the senators have exclusive control over writing their own rules. these are the rules that have written, and this is what i carry out. if the want to change them, they will change them to fit their circumstances. they have been filibustering since 1789. the senate and house have developed in remarkably different ways over time. the constitution said, each house can write their own rules. you come to the senate. the rules of the senate have always given much more muscle to the minority. sometimes it is the minority party. sometimes it is a minority faction inside a minority part to says, "i object," and everything stops. every senate majority leader is under a lot of burden to try to get a very uncooperative organization to work together. the
Jan 20, 2013 6:30pm EST
"christian science monitor" - a look inside as some of the more famous second terms richard norton smith is talking about. vietnam was lbj. a call from the bronx, new york. caller: if the losing presidential candidate is not an office holder, does he get to participate in the inauguration? will mitt romney be there? host: we know that mitt romney will not be here tomorrow, neither president bush. guest: president bush 41 is just out of the hospital. i wonder if jimmy carter -- host: he will be in attendance, as well as bill clinton. immy carter is 87. -- jimmy carter is 87. guest: that is a relatively new tradition. herbert hoover was invited to the kennedy inaugural in 1961. he was a very close friend to the president's father. the weather was so bad that he really could not get here. but he intended to be here. host: ronald reagan had the warmest and coldest inauguration days. 1981 and 1985. guest: the great story about the weather -- william howard taft, who had this self deprecatory sense of humor -- there was a blizzard. he said, i always thought it would be a cold day when i would
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2